Spain – October 2016

barcelona hero (1)

Because I’m taking Spanish GCSE this year, I went on a school trip to Barcelona, and let’s just say it was interesting.

The teachers told us that the hotel we were going to stay in was 5 star,  but when we arrived I discovered that not only was it grim, there were also lot of drunk people hanging around in the hallways – I’ll get into that part later. To make it worse, the internet was surprisingly shit – it took 5 minutes of continuously walking down the corridor just to send a fucking text.

The next morning we had breakfast and I decided to eat what seemed like coco pops, little did I know that it was the most disgusting, bland, cereal i’d ever had in my life; the milk didn’t even change colour which basically proved that it wasn’t coco pops. So, instead of eating that monstrosity, I bought a 3 euro coke and although it was nice, I knew I’d been conned. Learn from me, never get drinks from the vending machine.

We also managed to get lost, twice. The teacher specifically told us that we were heading to the shopping centre,  and obviously some of us weren’t listening so we ended up going to the wrong fucking one. We asked people if they could call our teacher’s number (we had a card which included contact details if we ever got lost) and because it was an international number, nobody was willing to do it – tragic really. Nobody had credit on their phone, so just as I was about to put 2 euros into a payphone, we saw that the right shopping centre was behind us the whole time. Not my fault they put two in the same area? The  funniest part about it though was the fact that the teacher didn’t even realise we were gone. IMG_2531

So, we were told to meet outside where the ‘steps’ were after we finished shopping, and of course none of us knew what that meant but we didn’t have the audacity to ask the teacher. Getting lost this time was worse because it was getting really dark, and we were lost for almost half an hour. Naturally, we go outside and watch some street performers, because that’s a completely normal thing to do when you’re lost. Then we fucking turn around and sitting on what seemed to be the ‘steps’ were a bunch of people from our school. We literally expected the worst, but surprisingly enough, the teacher’s didn’t really shout at us, instead they made sure we were next to them the whole time because getting lost for the third time wasn’t an option.

After all that, we go back to our rooms and hear really loud music coming from the third floor. Determined to find out what it was, two of us go down there and discover that it was a fucking bar. After going on the computers for about 1 minute  (yes there were fucking computers) we decide to leave, so we head to the lift. When we arrive to our floor, we spot our teacher and we were obviously busted. All in all, our keycards were taken off us (even for the people who didn’t go, they thought we’d take it off them and go back down there) and our rooms were searched. This is what you get for being curious?

There was also drunk people roaming around the corridor, shouting and saying that they were from Leicester which was a bit fucking weird so obviously none of us wanted to open the door. Other people though, were shaking hands with them and having a full on conversation? Not strange in the slightest.

Although it doesn’t seem like a good holiday, we visited a load of famous monuments and getting lost was actually fun in a way? It was a good experience and frankly I think it’s better than London – although the hotel was definitely not the best.